Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Holmes' Bonfire

Today in 1666 this naval attack on the Netherlands took place - wiki here .
It seems the English thought a great deal about this success and lit celebratory bonfires and wrote a poem and so on.
Naval Wargamers?
I wonder if there are any 17thc Naval wargamers reading this? I remember Fraxinus was planning to do the Anglo-Dutch naval wars on the tabletop so there must be ship models out there. I'd be interested to know if these sort of engagements like the Raid on the Medway would be feasable.


Fraxinus said...

yes indeed I was and have a 'starter' pack of Tumbling Dice Miniatures 1/2400 scale English ships to paint and 'Grand Fleet Actions in The Age of sail'as a rule set to use when i have finished the Dutch fleet. the owner of Tumbling Dice is very knowledgeable on this period especially the Dutch Wars where the fleets 'blazed away' very merrily at each other with limited tactics. Will add here soon probably this weekend Richard Scollins artwork for the Battle of the Medway and recommend a book on the subject I picked up recently. In addition will visit the site and post pics of upnor castle etc. Wargaming painting abd blogging has taken a back seat recently due to back and neck problems ...damn computers and cars!!

Ralphus said...

sorry to hear about your back and neck problems...looking forward to hearing about the Anglo-Dutch naval wargames stuff.