Wednesday, 5 August 2009

More Copplestones

Thanks to Clibinarium again for alerting me to these new figures from the Glory of the Sun range. His mail out says
A few new packs for the Glory of the Sun range:
GS13 Sergeants
GS14 French Sergeants
GS15 Dutch Musketeers Firing
GS16 Dutch Musketeers at Ready
GS17 Dutch Unarmoured Pikemen
I`ve called the last 3 packs Dutch because they were inspired by a contemporary print of the siege of Naarden in 1673, in which very wide-brimmed hats are worn by many of the troops. Although I`ve called them Dutch they could be equally well be mixed in figures from other packs or used to represent soldiers of other armies. The bigger hats somehow give them a scruffier look probably fairly typical of the time. The idea of uniformity was new at the time and I suspect most soldiers of the 1670`s would not look very smart or soldierly to us. I do have a couple of pictures of the musketeers painted by Mark Allen:
Mark Copplestone ps I am workin on the cavalry - honest!


Motorway said...

These figs are really nice, but....why oh why did Mark make them larger than the Foundry figs or his Dixon ones? Some more variation in the poses would be nice as well.

Corporal_Trim said...

I see your point, Motorway. But time moves on, scale creep is inevitable. Stylistically, I think they still match up well with his old Grand Alliance range although I'd keep the individual units homogeneous.