Thursday, 24 September 2009

Corps of Marines New Netherlands 1673-4

This image from the excellent Colonial American troops 1610-1774 Osprey by Chartrand/Rickman depicts a sergeant in Dutch New York. Snaphaunce muskets and cartridge boxes make this a well-equipped unit.


Motorway said...

Does the Osprey happen to have a reference on which the uniform is based?

Ralphus said...

F T Chapman and FC Nyland 'Netherlands Corps of Marines in New York 1673' Military Collector and Historian XXIII Summer 1971

Sir William the Aged said...

The picture was included in an article written in 1971 for "Military Collector - Histotian" the official publication of the Company of Military Historians. The citation from their catalog is as follows:

Chapman, Frederick T., and Captain F. C. Nyland, USN Ret. "Netherlands Corps of Marines in New York, 1673." Military Collector and Historian, 23 (Summer 1971), pp. 44-45.

This uniform plate was also offered for sale to Company members as plate #353 of their collection in a larger format, similar to the "le Plumet" plates in France.

Mr. Chapman was the actual illustrator and had a long and distinguished career as such, illustrating many historical texts as well as his work with the Company of Miltary Historians and illustrating children's history books. Sadly, Mr. Chapman passed away this past Saturday, September 19, in Hilton Head, South Carolina at the age of 96.


Motorway said...

Thank you gentlemen!

Is it known on what reference mrs Chapman and Nyland have based their work on?

Sir William the Aged said...

You might try running an add or post on TMP or similar for a copy of that particular issue, or check library sources for a copy through inter-library loan. The Company of Military Historians is a 'closed' group, meaning they don't sell their material through normal retail sources. However, a helpful member might be willing to make you copies of the article with the sources.