Monday, 7 September 2009

Sealed Knot at York doing Marston Moor

As some of you don't live in the UK (you lucky beggars!) I thought it wouldn't hurt to put up this sequence (that is pretty well put-together by someone) that shows the ECW reenactors the SK's Bank Holiday event at York racecourse. It looks like they have made an effort to replicate the look of the armies at that battle than be simply generic ECW so hats off to them. Weather looks just what you'd expect from a British holiday event. Actually I was told once by some English Civil War reenactors that went to take part in an ECW event in the US that when it rained there everyone packed up and went home, leaving them pretty much the only ones there. I find that hard to believe but I shouldn't think it was a lie either - anybody have any thoughts on that? One day we could see a Louis XIV era battle with these sort of numbers...I wonder if we'll ever see that?

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legatus hedlius said...

Crikey, those pikemen are certainly going at it!