Thursday, 1 July 2010


We're one short of 100 followers to this blog. What should we do to celebrate the 100th?


Sir William the Aged said...

I've been watching the count climb as well Ralph. Since an actual pub night would be a bit difficult to arrange given the various locations of our reader's, I would suggest everyone lifting a suitable liquid libation in toast at midnight GMT on the appropriate day.

Seriously (or maybe I already was?), my Thanks to all of those who choose to follow us. I think all of us who contribute here realize that you do have many choices out there on where you spend your time. That you choose to follow our sometimes esoteric ramblings, and contribute to them frequently with your own links and references, is most gratifying.


Sir William the Aged said...

One additional comment. I've made many new "friends" through this blog who I now correspond with regularly, and for that I am also grateful.

I am also gratified to see the diversity of the "community" that follow our postings (see, I do click on your icons and see who you are). We are fortunate to have some respected historians and authors, some excellent blog hosts in their own right, and even a few sculptor's and manufacturer's following along. With some of the discussion that has been generated by our followers and commenter's, this has almost turned into a Victorian salle of like-minded genteel folks. Now, whose turn was it to pour?


El Grego said...

Looks like #100 has arrived!