Thursday, 1 July 2010

Mars WSS Saxons Finally Reviewed

If you read my post on the "Plastic Olympics" back in February, you will remember that I extrapolated what I thought would be the contents of the Mars WSS Saxons set and used that as part of my "scoring" criteria.

Well, PSR has finally gotten a proper review done on this set here, and I may have actually been overly-generous in my scoring. As I suspected, there are 4 of each and every pose, so you are left to decide what to do with 4 standard bearers, 4 NCO's, 4 drummers, 4 fifers, 4 pioneers and 8 officers (2 poses). If I bought enough of these sets to actually do 3 or 4 decent-sized gaming battalions, they would be accompanied by a full battalion of grenadiers, a half-battalion of pioneers, a complete fife and drum corps, and a veritable panoply of flags.

The overall quality of the sculpting has improved compared to other Mars sets of the past, but still isn't up to the standards of the better makers, and there is a significant amount of flash for a new mold. Overall, better than nothing, but far short of what this set could have been. Sad really.


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Corporal_Trim said...

Thanks for the link, Bill.

Yup, same old problem with the ratio of usable to unusable figures. The not so hidden cost of assembling formations of plastics. At least there is not: Clubbing with Musket (4) per box. :-)

The sculpts aren't great, but I've seen a lot worse.