Friday, 9 July 2010

Battle of Klushino, 1610

Picked this up from TMP, a great reenactment over July 4th weekend of the Battle of Klushino during the Russian "Time of Troubles" period in 1610. Absolutely great painting and modeling references! I've already got the site bookmarked for when I finally start painting my own Poles. Some wonderful shots of arms, armour, drill, uniforms and standards and included participants from nine countries. Would have loved to have been there for this one! Check out all of the pic's here.

By the way, I'm remiss for not doing so sooner, but the excellent picture above, as well as all of those reached via the link, are the work of TMP'er Joe Dever. My thanks to him for it's inclusion and for the great write-up of the event.

As Friend Raia has pointed out, my earlier identification of this Battle as being during the "Deluge" was incorrect. It was actually during the preceding Russian "Time of Troubles", which took place from 1598 to 1613 and revolved around the troubles of succession from the end of the Rurick dynasty until the beginning of the Romanov dynasty. I have already edited the "Deluge" reference in the opening paragraph and apologize to readers for the error in terminology.



Raia said...

Some better photoes. Even our (myself and my regiment) swedish pikeniers are on these photoes.

Raia said...

And my second comment: The label "The Deluge" is wrong. The Deluge was about 40 years later!

Raia said...

Ah, sorry Bill, I sent the same link as you