Saturday, 14 April 2012

Blenheim by Peter Jackson

More from the Look and Learn school of historical art. This one depicts Marlborough at the battle in 1704.


Sir William the Aged said...

Surely great stuff for an Imagi-Nations unit! From upper left moving to lower right we seem to have:

1. Officer wearing a breastplate
2. All ranks wearing what look like French Dragoon turn-down-top gaiters
3. The central figure clearly has spurs on
4. All ranks appear to have front turnbacks
5. We have both trumpeters and drummers in an Infantry unit wearing coats that appear to have a plastron or false front attached to their coat
6. All figures are wearing white gloves
7. It is a perfect unit for the anti-button-counters though, as nobody appears to have any

This is actually a pretty stirring illustration for kids, it's just a shame the details aren't better. It would be a fun unit to try and model though.


Corporal_Trim said...

I agree with Bill. Comically inaccurate but still a surprisingly effective image.