Thursday, 26 April 2012

Tehnolog's Russian GNW

This is something that interests me - plastic 1/32 54mm GNW Russians - website here


Corporal_Trim said...
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Corporal_Trim said...

Yes indeed, those are quite nice. It would be costly to build a decent-sized unit, but then again a lot cheaper than doing it with metal collector's figures. A different pose other than the guy branishing a sword in one hand and musket in the other would have been useful, but the others could still make an impressive battalion in firing line.

I recently bought a box of Tehnolog "Insurgents" on eBay. They are proper 54mm in heighth although cartoonishly proportioned in other respects. As are others of the 54mm sets, although these GNW figures are more conventionally scuplted and all the better for it.

The figures are hard plastic, conversions quite possible.