Friday, 27 April 2012

Books on the wars of Louis Quatorze

Was looking at the blog world and it seems some of you are a little confused as to what information is out there re the 1672 period. My first choice as a starter would be Osprey Men-at-Arms 203 - Louis XIV's Army (pic), This is a good basic start - how about the Dutch? Edwin know of any good sources for wargamers?


legatus hedlius said...

Yes, the Dutch are flummoxing me at present..

Ralphus said...

I think they weren't uniformed at this time - maybe only certain regiments but I dont know for certain

Rampjaar said...

The 1660-1680 period of time is a bit covered by the books by Jean Belaubre and the articles by dutch miltary historian de Wilde, but some of the articles are not sourced and scattered around several periodicals.

The marines were uniformed in 1672 in grey coats (there are several good books on the subject like the one by LtCOl Nicolas), just like the Holland and Frisian guards. Some other regiments may be uniformed as well, and if I found some info I posted it on my blog, like on the regiments Jorman and Godard van Reede. One of the things to remember as well is the fact that "uniform" also could mean "of the same cut", so that's a complicating factor as well.

A great general introduction to the period is of course Olaf van Nimwegen's book on the States'Army, which is also translated in English.

Unknown said...

Hi to all,
the Osprey book is well illustrated but contains several errors and misunderstanding. Just to note in the artwork the plug baionett hanging from the belt of a 1668 German musketeer, while this weapons was issued after 1670-72 or even later. In the near future, I am going to plan a series of articles devoted to the European armies of 1658-1685. regards