Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Prestonpans 1745-2014

All photos by Ruth Watson. These photos appeared on the Lace Wars FB page and I thought you'd like a look. Top is some of the 10th (Cobhams) Dragoons. Excellent unit. Second is the Highland charge hitting home. Third pic is one of the Edinburgh City Guard running for his life. Bottom is the Hanoverian troops volleying. List of participant groups


Chris Kemp said...

It's nice to see some well proportioned wargames figures and horses. The painting is good too with no discernable flash ... Oh, hang on :-)

Kind regards, Chris.

Redders said...

The Infantry are not Hanovarians.
They are Regular British Infantry.
The Infantry portrayed are:
The Edinburgh City Guard
1st Foot (Royals)
13th Foot (Pulteneys)
42nd Foot (Black Watch)