Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Royal Ecossais

This new group (started in 2011) is impressive. These photos are from this year's Fulda. The Royal Ecossais were French Scots who came over in the '45. Webpage for this German group here


Der Alte Fritz said...

They didn't wear kilts or tams, unfortunately.

Gunter Küster said...

They wear kilts!
A long time of research made us safe. For more informations you can asks us.
Member of the Royal Ecossoirs

Anonymous said...

Hello Fritz!

We portray the grenadiers of the Royal Écossois, and they did wear both kilts and belted plaids. I did the research for the Highland dress of the Royal Écossois grenadiers, and I reconstructed the tartan from a painting. If we had not the historical sources, we wouldn´t wear Highland dress. To learn more, please visit our website.

Kind regards,

R.L. Heil
Founder "Royal Écossois" Germany