Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Queen Anne’s regiment

 Had this email this morning and you can bet it made me very happy - hope you enjoy the pictures and news as much as I did. This is a great development

'My mate Lance (of Galloping Major miniatures) has recommend your blogs, I’ve enjoyed reading them!

We are both members of a new unit created for the period 1705 to 1715. We recreate the Queen Anne’s regiment, which became the 8th foot. Our first event was at Hampton Court to celebrate the arrival of George 1 in 1714, back in Easter this year.  We have another event at Hampton Court on the 26th & 27th October. I’ve attached a couple of pictures for you. Hope they are of interest.
We don’t have a website as yet, we have been too busy researching and making kit!
Hope you like the pictures!

Hopefully we will be at more events next year.


Derek Richardson

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Cincinnatus said...

Incredible. I have got to find a way to get stationed in England.