Sunday, 24 January 2010

Battle of Lansdown

Old family photos occasionally turn up some gems - my brother and sister scanned these which I reckon are from about the late 60s when the Sealed Knot was a new phenomenon. Lansdown was fought outside Bath in the Civil War and is one of the battles local to me. I love the bouncy castles just plain old uncluttered fields and hedges...those were the days.


Fire at Will said...

Hmm, I have vague memories of attending the event, but I couldn't see my self in any of your pictures.

I've just bought some Warlord plastic figures and I plan to create some of Sir William Wallers early regiments such as Pophams, hopefully I might find some books/info on the Subject while I down in bath this weekend (family permitting)


Dom said...

I live in Bath, so this is local to me too. The battlefield makes quite a good visit, I went there recently. It is easy to appreciate the terrain and to understand why Waller chose to make a stand there. It is even possible to see the places where the Parliamentarians broke down the dry stone walls for their guns - the repaired sections are still visible.