Sunday, 10 January 2010

Tony Barton's 1/6th scale Marlburian infantryman

I admit to being a fan of wargames figure sculptor Tony Barton's 1/6th scale figures. They take the idea of a scale model to high levels of accuracy that are an education. This model of a British redcoat of 1706 is another triumph. Excellent work. If you want more here's a link to his Spanish musketeer of 1604.


Corporal_Trim said...

Wow ! That's a superb creation. I like everything about it (even if he does look like a cross between Mel Gibson and Colin Farrell ;-)), even the irregular shape of the tricorne is convincing.

It's funny, I disliked the 1/6 section of Toy Soldier & Model Figure magazine. The figures were crudely articulated and collecting them seemed uncomfortably close to grown men playing with dolls. But this is elevates 1/6 figures to an altogther higher plane.


Sir William the Aged said...

These two models are truly amazing!

I have seen a magazine article many years ago on E. Leliepvre's mannequins in the French Army Museum and I believe that these surpass them. The level of functional detail recreated is simply beyond belief.

I second Steve's comments regarding the commercial 1/6th figures that I have seen; too much like G.I. Joe toys. These, however, are an example of a master sculptor applying his talents to an established medium and elevating it to an art form. Well done Tony!


Anonymous said...

Tony also did an excellent New Model Army model:

Does anyone know if this guy sells any of his work or if similar historical models are sold anywhere?

Thanks for sharing! :D