Monday, 25 January 2010

The chapel at Farleigh Hungerford

When I was a kid (here we go) this was a common sight - well in castles (like this one at Farleigh Hungerford which is just up the road from me) and stately homes - armour and weapons on the walls - now they all seem to have gone - presumably sold off or centralised somewhere but it used to be a particular pleasure to crane your neck and speculate the history of the various items on display. This old slide is again from the family archive of the 60s (a bought one though) but there is a kind of happy twist - this chapel had a mural of George slaying the dragon hiding behind the white which at the time of this photo was still to be discovered having been obscured since Roundhead times. Although having said that looking at this image on full screen I don't know how it was missed as it seems to be visible. Image search Farleigh Hungerford

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