Tuesday, 5 January 2010

More End-of-Year Plastic News!

My goodness, but Mars has been busy of late! Just picked up on PSR that Mars have added a couple of additional new sets to their upcoming releases; "Swedish Army With Culverin" (box photos shown above) and "Scots Mercenaries of the TYW" (box artwork pictured below).

These follow-on the heels of the Imperialist Army (really a war wagon with swivel gun and crew) that Ralphus already alerted us to, and apparently they are also at work on new Swedish and Imperialist Infantry sets to accompany the previously-released Revell copies already in production. All things considered, a bountiful harvest for TYW enthusiasts (which seems to be tickling Ralphus' fancy lately).

While photos of painted samples from box art can be considered "optimistic examples" in many cases, if the actual figures are close to those depicted on the box, the "Swedish Army With Culverin" will be a very useful set. The gun, limber and team look very promising and the assortment of crew figures and mounted officers look good as well. We should see these turning up in several armies. Along with their recent expansion into the GNW, Mars is making themselves a company to watch for the coming year!


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