Monday, 1 October 2012

English Civil War Drummer

As we had a comment about this I thought I'd post this image of an ECW drum from the Farndon church window, thought to be Gamul's regiment. One of the sources for reconstructions of drums of the period is 'Drake's Drum' in Devon which dates from the late 16th century. There is also a drum in Taunton museum which purports to be from the Monmouth Rebellion.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting a photo of the original drum.

A replica should be an exact copy of the original.

I wonder why the replica shown in the link has an elongated (tabor-like) shape when the original shape clearly is more square? (The diameter of the original is c.60cm, as far as I know). Is it just the angle or is it an unsuccessful attempt at a replica, rather. I'm puzzled...

Ralphus said...

yeah I noticed the replica was a different shape - strange