Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Another depiction of the Siege of Groningen

The figures in the foreground were a bit light so I've increased the brightness...


Anonymous said...


In what year was this painting executed? The mounted figure in red appears to be 18th Century.

One has to be careful when using works of art, engravings, etc. Was the artist present at the event? In what year was the item completed. In my experience, an engraving illustrating an event from the 1670s that was made in the 1690s will usually contain indivuduals in uniforms from the 1690s, and therefore of little value. The further removed from the event, the less likely the painting or engraving is a true representation.



Ralphus said...

I take your point. I think this is supposed to be 1680 or 86 by Folkert Bock

Motorway said...

1686, Folkert Bock. It's a huge painting, about 4x2 meters!