Thursday, 2 April 2009

Swedish Army of the Scanian War

Image Charles XI at the battle of Lund 1676.
I've been wondering if these new Copplestone figures would be for the Scanian war as well. I guess they would - I don't know much about the subject but maybe I ought to buy this book on the Swedish army to find out.

From Northern Wars in the US
Scanian War 1675-1679 Colours and Uniforms.Lars-Eric Höglund. English. 74 pages including 8 in color. Covering the uniforms, colours and standards of the Swedish Army during the Scanian War 1675-1679. Some 84 colours and standards are illustrated in color, as well as 20 color illustrations of uniforms. The uniforms, colours and standards of 123 different units are described.


Anonymous said...

This site is such a mine of information! Thanks you for all the effort you put into it and for then enabling all the rest of us to tap into it.

Anonymous said...

This is an excellent book. The figures should work well. I have all the regiments at the Battle of Lund done in 28mm, mostly Dixons. If I were to start over again, the Copplestones would be a good choice.

Ralphus said...

I'd like to see photos of that

Andreas said...

As said above the book from Acedia is great on the subject. I can also recomend Dan Schorrs website Northern Wars for infomation on the Danish army as the Acedia one only has infomation on the swedish forces. I am also plannig on using copplestones miniatures to create some forces for the scanian war.

Geronimo2006 said...

I actually have the book with that blue cover. I have found no mention of pikemen wearing armour but occasional Swedish cavalry regiments did. Do you have information on the Danish units? I am making a mod for Empire Total War and am wondering whether both nations had dropped pikemen armour by now. I have pictures of some Danish infantry and one cavalry unit - none wearing armour.