Saturday, 18 April 2009

Image of a sutlery

When we used to be in the ECWS my wife sometimes ran a sutlery, making stews and stuff in cauldrons etc over a fire which if we were lucky became quite a social focus and the area developed a tavern-like atmosphere - especially when she brought farmhouse cider along. Sutleries could be made using broken pikes as tent poles over which canvas was draped - sometimes supported by a tree. Wood smoke, barrels, tables, pipe smoking all contributed to the atmosphere. This drawing from the Anne SK Brown collection is supposed to be Dutch 1685 but looks more like the 1650s but anyway it's a great picture that fits my image of a 17th century sutlery. There are a number of pictures on this subject - I'll try and feature a few in the future.

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I believe you are correct. de Jonge painted a number of TYW scenes, and he died ca. 1664. Probably late TYW scene.