Sunday, 19 April 2009

The Countdown to "The Glory Of The Sun" Has Begun!

First a lovely little "teaser", a French officer in all of his sartorial splendor painted by "Captain Blood" and featured on the Steve Dean Forum. For more views of this delightful figure you can link through here:

A visit to Mark Copplestone's site reveals a new icon for "The Glory Of The Sun" (it still says "Under Construction" if you link through), a new link along the left side under "Products", and a change to the scrolling banner along the top announcing that these will be available for order tomorrow, April 20!

Of special interest to reader's of this blog is another new icon that appears on the feature page for the range that says, "For information about the armies and campaigns of the period click here". It will be interesting to see who Mark links through to or what information he might provide. All told, very exciting stuff!

Based on the painted samples above, I think we will be seeing many of these figures appear in "Musketeer" RPG games and as collector vignettes in addition to all of the lovely new armies. So start raiding the Piggy Banks and cashing the stimulus and tax checks (for US readers, who probably have none to cash). Good times are indeed ahead for the Lace wars crowd!


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