Monday, 13 April 2009


While it really deals with a time frame before our period, one can't help but be inspired by this film clip. It is from the Polish movie made in 1974 "Potop", or "The Deluge" in english. It deals with the Winged Hussars in their battles with the Swedes and includes some excellent battle footage. Of particular interest to 17th century gamers is a very good depiction (starting at about the 4:45 minute mark) of both fire by countermarch and the classic "ready your pike for horse" drill, planted pikes, drawn sword and all.

This movie is part of a three part series based on the writing of Henryk Sienkiewicz, for which he won the Nobel Prize, and directed by Jerzy Hoffman. The other two movies in the trio are "Colonel Wolodyjowski" (1969) and "With Fire and Sword" (1999). The actual movie DVD's do feature english sub-titles and, yes, they are already on my birthday wish list.

When I finally finish my 15mm forces for the Flanders and Rhineland campaigns, I will be doing the extra figures for the Siege of Vienna. I just happen to know a friend with a 15mm Ottoman army (friends can be a good thing) that I think needs running over.

If this video doesn't put you in the mood for Winged Hussars, here are a couple more videos celebrating the Winged Hussars by user "Rogvist" that are pretty good too:

Husaria, Part II

Husaria, Part III



Eric1 said...

Great posts as usual.

Although my ancient eyes are long past painting 15mm figs, I also found those articles of tremendous interest.

Something around serendipity is happening here, please see my HELMET blog for my first attempts at 1:32 Polish Wnged Hussars.



Ralphus said...

Nice work Bill... you set Steve the wargamer on a posting about winged hussars
keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...


The opening music and film of the attacking husars is sreally stirring stuff!

I love this blog! You're a diamond bloke for making all this possible!