Monday, 20 April 2009

Restoration coat pattern

Looking around on the web to see if there's a coat pattern for the 1670s/80s and found this one from Paul Meekins by Reconstructing history...looks good - of course depends on what you might think a Restoration coat looks like. For military there's not much to go on - this image from 1670 is pretty clear and is what my idea of what English troops of that time might have looked like.


Anonymous said...


The image is that of a justacorps (fit to the body, i.e. tailored coat). This typw was only beginning to make an appearance in the late 1670s. It did not become prevalent military wear until the 1680s. Not suitable for the Dutch War, but certainly for the Nine Years War.



Sir William the Aged said...


Can you point me to an online source for a coat more in keeping with the Wars of Devolution or the Dutch wars? I know from reading that it was not as tightly fitting as the later justacorps, but I'm not sure how loose it really was. I would like a good pictorial reference to use for my figure review. Most of the "artistic" representations, like from the Vinkhuijzen Collection, were probably painted by later artists and depict the more tightly fitted coat.