Thursday, 20 May 2010

1710 in more northerly lands

Well it looks like Zaragoza 1710-2010 went well. 2010 is also the year of numerous anniversaries of Great Northern War sieges. Boris from the GNW reenactment group says:
'In 1710 the Russians took the following fortresses from the Swedes:
Vyborg, Riga, Pernau (Parnu), Arensburg (Kuresaare), Revel (Tallin), Kexholm (Priozersk) and we are going to appear in most of them this season, Vyborg being first in June. There is our schedule on our site here'
Wish I could go. Image from a previous visit to Kexholm


Anonymous said...

in 1710... )

Ralphus said...

Oh yes - I have now amended it. You'd never believe I used to be a proof reader - maybe the key phrase is 'used to be'...

Uwe said...

I am wondering what happens when the Grenadier throws his grenade;-)

Reminds me on some descriptions of Jack Steel novels.