Saturday, 15 May 2010

More photos from Bavaria - Blenheim river craft

More images of interest from Uwe Wild. He says
Here are some photos from the museum of the war of the Spanish succession in Höchstädt castle near the battlefield of Blenheim. This museum is worth a visit for everybody who is interested in this war. Take here a look at a river draft the armies at these times used.


abdul666 said...

A marvelous model, and so inspiring. I remember the C.S. Grant's ACW scenario 'raid on the railway' that could be played in H&M periods with a canal instead of a railway.

Now, I notice that while the men enjoy an appropriate protection, the poor horses bake in the sun or are drown under the rain. A sure recipe to soon have half the cavalry dismounted!

ColCampbell50 said...

This looks like an ancestor to a Tom Sawyer Mississippi River raft. Gives one ideas for supply vessels for small imagi-nation campaigning.