Saturday, 15 May 2010

Impetus Expansion Modules From Dadi & Piombo

Interesting thread on TMP here, regarding a recent 10mm re-fight of Blenheim during the WSS. It has links to a very nice picture album of the game as well as links to the D&P site for the free downloadable rules module, "Le Roi Soliel" and a set of army lists for Blenheim. Well worth a look!

And now, confession time. I have never made a secret of the fact that I am a devoted fan of George Gush's Renaissance rules, both 1st and 2nd editions. However, as the rules are a bit "long in the tooth", I have been exploring mod's to the rules and/or other rules sets for my favorite period. When I first became aware of "Basic Impetus" and "Impetus", and their free expansion modules, I will admit that I didn't explore them in detail because they are of the "Grand Tactical" nature. It's strictly a personal preference, but I usually don't care for the "one stand equals one regiment, brigade, division, etc." sort of rules. My preference has always been the more "intimate" 1:10, 1:20 or similar rulesets. Years ago I participated in some of the playtesting for several sets of published Grand Tactical rules for the SYW and the Napoleonic written by friends of mine and just never got my head wrapped totally around them.

However, now that I've looked at the pic's of the Blenheim game, and downloaded the rules and lists, I may be changing my mind, at least a bit. I was impressed enough with them to also download the "Basic Baroque" expansion mod for the 80 Years War through the Late 17th Century (and including the GNW), which also look very nice. You can see them for yourself and download them here. While I may always prefer the Gush-style rules for a battle like the 2nd Dunes, I can really see using these "Impetus" modules for the larger battles like Seneffe, Enzheim, or the major battles of the War of the League of Augsberg. The scale really does allow you to perform the grand, sweeping movements that featured prominently in many of these battles, and they appear to be very well written for a fun game.

If any of you have direct experience using either of these "Impetus" modules, I would appreciate hearing your comments and input.



Des said...

Thanks for the kind words on my amendments. They seem to have been very well received, and I hope this will increase interest i these rules.

I am working with Mike McNally to produce a set of Army lists for Boyne, and then will move onto the later battles of the WSS.

If you have questions regarding the Le Roi Soliel amendments, please contact me via the Impetus Forum, or directly at

Enjoy !


Anonymous said...

We here in Aberdeen have been using Basic Impetus (in preference to the full set) for the past year or so, first to fight ancient battles and then, using the Baroque expansion, to fight ECW actions. With a couple of tweaks (to include countercharges etc and to reduce musket range) we found them an excellent set of rules. I've always been wary of extending a set of rules for one period too far forward - in my opinion the problem of running a battle moves from combat itself to command control sometime (roundabot this period) and wargame rules for one rarely fit the other - but these work OK, though I think you will be hard put to refight large scale actions in any reasonable amount of time. However if you visit the Impetus Forum you will find that someone has produced a module specifically for this period called Le Roi Soleil. Its here:

But maybe you already know of it.

Des said...

Thanks - I wrote the amendment !!

Ramilllies Army lists and mpas should be posted in a week. Please check the Impetus Forum.


desmond said...

Le Roi Soliel are the amended rules for 1690-1740, for the popular Impetus Rules.

The Army Lists for Ramillies 1706, as well as special rules and maps are available as a download here:

I hope you enjoy refighting this battle, described as a masterpiece by many military historians.

The rules are free and can be downloaded from the Impetus Forum. Rules can be downloaded here:

Keep your eye open for further Army Lists in the coming weeks and months. (Battle of Boyne is expected within a month)

Questions and comments can be posted on the Forum, or directly to me. Des –