Saturday, 22 May 2010

Exciting New Release From Zvezda!

Well, a bit of late-night "trolling" through the internet has revealed a new release from those prolific folks at Zvezda. Hot on the heels of their GNW Russian Dragoons and Russian and Swedish Artillery sets, and to accompany their SYW Prussian Grenadiers, Zvezda's site announces that they have released (as of May 20th) the famed Prussian Black Hussars.

This is an exciting release for several reasons. First, depending on actual size of the figures, these will make a great match with the old Revell SYW Hussars, offering a variety of new poses. Second, depending on how "heavy-handed" the Zvezda sculptor's were with the Death's Head insignia (and I expect it to be fairly prominent), with a bit of trimming this set will do duty as a "generic" Hussar in mirliton for most all nations, as well as many Imagi-Nations. Third, since the Zvezda sculptor's utilized separate pelisses for all but two poses (4 figures total out of 19 offered), these figures will work equally well for such things as Hussars in summer dress, a unique Freikorps unit for an Imagi-Nation, or even as Lauzan's Legion in the AWI. There is a pdf copy of the instruction sheet here which clearly shows which figures feature the separate pelisse. Very good stuff indeed!

Now, one can only hope that Zvezda will get around to some proper heavy cavalry of the era. While I would like to see more cavalry options for the GNW range, I wouldn't be opposed to seeing some SYW Prussian Dragoons or Cuirassiers offered. This would finally make Zvezda's 18th century offerings truly viable for a complete Imagi-Nation army in the style of the late Brig. Peter Young or Charles Grant. Stay tuned for updates here!



Stokes Schwartz said...

Exciting news indeed! The Zvezda figures I've seen in the flesh are very nice, and the harder plastic is more receptive to painting.

Best Regards,


Martin said...

The Markgraaf has waited for these rascally fellows to join up for quite some time. Release the Recruiters and Woe to the Treasury!

Paul Liddle said...

Thanks for this news Bill.I may have to enlist some of these chaps into my armies.



guy said...

Many thanks for showing the contents. I already have the black hussars formed from the revell troops but I will definately have some of these and I will research which regiment shall be raised.

The officer figure reminds me of the famous napoleonic chasseur a cheval of the guard officer painting which him turning back in his saddl. Lets hope for lots more releases and I will be interested to see who or what Zvesda releases in due course to oppose the Prussians. I presume it will be the Russain SYW army.