Sunday, 23 May 2010

Battle of Ramillies 1706

Today this battle was fought. One of the famous deaths was that of Colonel Bringfield - Marlborough fell from his horse early in the engagement with the French, and when he was being remounted on a spare charger, a cannonball flew over the back of the horse and decapitated Colonel Bringfield, who was holding the stirrup.

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desmond said...

Le Roi Soliel are the amended rules for 1690-1740, for the popular Impetus Rules.

The Army Lists for Ramillies 1706, as well as special rules and maps are available as a download here:

I hope you enjoy refighting this battle, described as a masterpiece by many military historians.

The rules are free and can be downloaded from the Impetus Forum. Rules can be downloaded here:

Keep your eye open for further Army Lists in the coming weeks and months. (Battle of Boyne is expected within a month)

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