Sunday, 9 May 2010

Hibernia, Ultonia and Irlanda

These three Irish regiments distinguished themselves at the battle of Saragossa 1710. If you want to read more about Ultonia and Irish troops serving the Spanish then this column by Peter Beresford Ellis, author, will give you a better insight.
As for uniforms I am not sure - I think Ultonia and Irlanda were red with blue facings and Hibernia had green.
Also see this article The Spanish Habsburgs and their Irish Soldiers (1587-1700) by Moisés Enrique Rodríguez and this article The Spanish Wild Geese.
Uniform and colonel's flag of the Hibernia Regiment, mid-eighteenth century, (A. Valdés Sánchez. Brown University Library, Madrid, 1993) See Irlanda from the same source here
Flight of the Wild Geese wiki

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