Thursday, 4 December 2008


If you are interested in recreating the late 17th/early 18thc winter warfare in North America then this item - worn by Canadians as well as Indians is worth studying. Based on a fisherman's coat, it was adapted by Canadians and tailored to look quite stylish. Usually made of melton and unlined it could be blue, brown or grey/white like this one. Sometimes they were issued so a uniform colour is possible. This image of a Compagnies Franches de la Marine c1690 is by Francis Back - someone who has done most of the research on this garment publishing a great article for the Museum of the Fur Trade Quarterly many moons ago.
Also note the side seam leggings - again most likely in melton.

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Christine said...

Hello Ralph,
I love when you discuss North-America as I am researching on New France (particularly in the Lake Champlain Valley) for our 2009 historic tour. I had read that indeed the Troupes de la Marine adopted Indian clothing... particularly in the remote forts and forests. I assume that Francis Back wrote some books which I could consult...