Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Monmouth Rebels

As it's the time of year for starting new projects I thought I'd maybe try and sculpt some Monmouth Rebels in 28mm. Why? Well I'm not that keen on what's available...Dixons do some figures in shirtsleeves which are not any use at all. The coats and hats would be more like the military as clothing styles were identical but with less equipment like swords and belts. These figures could also be used as New England militiamen of the 1690s or also for the Williamite wars. This photo of my old 1685 Society at Lyme gives an idea of what they were like, these civilian soldiers. Of course there were professional soldiers with them, officers and the like...the odd Crowellian sword or even some military uniforms brought over by Monmouth. Looking more like Militia than a peasant rabble, methinks.

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