Friday, 19 December 2008

Ft. Pontchartrain at Detroit:

Ft. Pontchartrain at Detroit: A Guide to the Daily Lives of Fur Trade and Military Personnel, Settlers, and Missionaries at French Posts
By Timothy J. Kent
If you have an interest in recreating a persona for New France in the age of Louis XIV I would heartily recommend you check out this book. It has the chapter on clothing online as a preview and it is pretty comprehensive. Covers all aspects of dress of the habitant, voyageur whatever.

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Christine said...

There is another book which talks a lot about lives in the forts of New France (even though it doesn't go into the details of clothing), it's L'épée et la Plume, by Arnaud Balvay. It is recent, extremely well referenced and very interesting. It discussed for instance the necessity soldiers in the remote forts had to significantly interact with the Native Americans to survive. It actually mentions that there is a book on the lives of soldiers at Fort Chambly, Quebec, but that life there was different than in the more remote forts (because Chambly is close to Montreal I guess).