Monday, 22 December 2008


Who remembers these rules covering the period 1420-1700 by George Gush? Are they really from 1979? I imagine they're really unfashionable nowadays but I used to like them - that's why they're coffee stained and well thumbed. Famous for enabling Samurai to fight Landsknechts and so on but I thought the mechanisms pretty good for the late 17th century having a comprehensive points system for covering all the weapons and training variants of the time. You probably can't buy these rules nowadays - maybe it's time to start a revival.


Bill McHenry said...

Just discovered your blog and love it! The WRG rules are usually pretty easy to find on eBay, I recently picked up 2 extra copies to go with my old original along with an extra copy of the army lists. There is also a Yahoo Group dedicated to the rules and there are people around the world still playing them. Also, George is still around and will answer the occasional question (although he doesn't like to).

I am just beginning a 15mm army of the 1670's period using a mix of Museum Miniatures (ECW range) and Old Glory's new Thirty Years War range along with some Donnington's. The army will be organized and based for George's rules with 48 man infantry units and 12 man cavalry squadrons. Your blog will be added to my reference folder for this project. Keep up the good work!

Bill McHenry

Ralphus said...

Sounds like an excellent project - I would love to see some photos when you're ready. I have trouble finding out anything about the Dutch for that period, but I suppose there are other armies campaigning around that time. I really like the Donnington 15s but haven't found a way of photographing them, but I like their style.