Sunday, 28 December 2008

New Monmouth Rebellion book

I haven't seen this book but it looks great. I know Chris Scott - he was 'Colonel' of Trelawney's regiment at my first ever Monmouth reenactment in 1985 and I have even had a few Monmouth rebellion wargames with him - he knows his subject and I am greatly looking forward to getting a copy of this book.

From Caliver Books
The Armies and Uniforms of the Monmouth Rebellion
Chris Scott ISBN: 1-85818-578-1128 pages (colour throughout) 168mm x 248mm £15.99

With more than 50 colour illustrations and line drawings, plus maps and charts, this volume provides details of weapons, uniforms, flags, organisation, strengths, battle orders and battlefield roles of the units that took part in the campaign known as The Monmouth Rebellion

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