Friday, 26 December 2008

Richard Kane (1662–1736). biography

Richard Kane wikipedia entry
Richard Kane
Governor of Minorca

By Janet Sloss
This book looks worth having if you are interested in the British/Marlburian side of things... and it's reasonably priced. You can download for free the foot drill A New System of Military Discipline for a Battalion of Foot on Action from the publisher's website here
I highly recommend it - it has some real insights into the nature of warfare at the time.
This biography of Brigadier General Richard Kane covers his early life in Ulster, his military career under William III and Marlborough, and his long governorship of Minorca, ceded to Great Britain under the Treaty of Utrecht. The expedition to Canada in 1711, the takeover of Dunkirk in 1712, and the defence of Gibraltar in 1725 are covered in detail.

Includes his "Discipline for Batallion of Foot." and his "Discipline for a Regiment upon Action and the Most Essential Discipline of the Cavalry".352 pages, with illustrations (20 B/W, 2 full colour)

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