Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Donnington Miniatures Wars of Louis XIV range

Yesterday I took delivery of one each of all the figures in Donnington Miniatures 15mm range of Wars of Louis XIV and Late 17th Century wargames figures - the purpose to photograph them and review them for this blog. I remembered these figs from the late 80s and I wanted to see them again to see if they would be useful for the campaigns of Turenne etc in the 1670s. I was not disappointed. The Wars of Louis XIV range - some 30 casts of foot and horse are excellent - finely detailed and well sculpted - everything one needs is there - only one gunner but these can be imported from the late 17thc range. Costs are 25p per foot figure. I will photograph them soon as there are no images on their website but if you fancy some 1670s figures trust me these modest 15s might be just what you are looking for.
You'll have to wait for the photos though as I haven't been able to do it properly yet - in the meantime here's an image by me of a pikeman and musketeer of the 1680s.

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