Friday, 1 May 2009

Arthur Bowlings Uniform Illustrations 1660-1685

Given away with Military Modelling in the early 1990's was a booklet on British Infantry regiments 1660-1914 by A H Bowling (I know it sounds a bit like JRR Hartley & Fishing!)

'Mick' Bowling illustrated the long out of print Almark books published in 1970-71 'British Infantry Regiments 1660-1914' and 'Scottish Regiments and Uniforms 1660-1914'. The illustrative style as the MM booklet describes it was 'mechanical, but it had a charm of its own, with all uniform details precisely executed and, above all correct.'

These illustrations were for the first time published in colour in the October 1992 MM by Ken Jones as a tribute to Arthur Bowling who died in 1991.I have just included the ones relevant to this blog.


Sir William the Aged said...


I have these two Almark books, as well as the one on British Colours by Dino Lemonofides and the one on the Cavalry of 1660-1914 by Leonard Cooper. The Cooper book is unusual in that it is illustrated with a mix of period engravings and woodcuts, modern (c1914) photography, and color pictures of painted collector's figures (possibly by Stadden and Gammage) that are in the National Army Museum.

All of the Almark books had a wonderful period charm to them that, at least to me, make them very "Old School". They are also usually available from the used book sellers (Caliver, OMM, etc.) at very reasonable prices.


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