Monday, 4 May 2009

F&I in Wiltshire

It's a national holiday in the UK and though I don't reenact much these days I do like to watch the odd display and this weekend managed to persuade my family to go with me to a local attraction, the Bison Farm to watch a small event. (If you're in the south-west the farm near Warminster is well worth a visit - they have Red deer, Elk ...and you can eat the exhibits). But it wasn't the Bison burgers that dragged me out but the chance to see the UK's newest 18thc reenactors the 60th Royal Americans of New France and Old England - the UK F&I society. They were pretty impressive as these photos
show and I hope they do well. The 60th have been a popular choice in the US but this is a first for Britain. Led by Colin Spicer they are currently getting quite a lot of attention so if F&I is your bag, and you're inspired by the new Galloping Major figures or similar - get in touch with them. Photos Celia and Bea.

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