Monday, 11 May 2009

Patrice Menguy

If you have an interest in the French army and you haven't been to this site you are in for a treat. All manner of ordonnances, regulations, drill, uniform research and so on from the late 17thc up to the War of Austrian Succession on the French army. Patrice is a reenactor of the Royal Ecossais but also used to produce some excellent figures for the Fontenoy era, which sadly don't seem to be available any more. There's all manner of gems to be found there - the illustrations from Institutions militaires pour la cavalerie et les dragons par M. de la Porterie show French equipment and tents of the period - ideal for reenactors of the French Royal army everywhere. Recommended.

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Anonymous said...

hope you can help. In the Thomason photos of Oudenarde re-enactment 2008 which regiment is represented by the guys in purple coats with red cuffs? Are they Spanish or Walloon or Imperial troops? i have to have a unit for my wargames army! thanks Dave.