Friday, 8 May 2009

War of the Quadruple Alliance (1718-20)

This is a pretty obscure war - wiki here - fought between Spain on the one hand and France, Britain, Austria and the Dutch Republic on another. There was an American dimension too with the French taking Pensacola in Florida. Also it was the era of the Battle of Glen shiel in Scotland.
This battle had some 250 Spanish Marines under Don Nicolás Bolaño - anyone have a picture of this regiment? Scotswars has a fairly detailed description...
The Battle of Glenshiel 1719 by Peter Tillemans (1719)
Below is an introduction to the topography of the battle.

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Corporal_Trim said...

Ah, Ralphus revives the War of the Qaudruple Alliance. :) You really have to dig for any information about it, similar to the War of the Polish Succession in that respect.

Not much really happened, so I suppose these obscure wars have been deservedly consigned to the backwater of history. And because of that, why not potential fertile ground for imaginative "what-if" campaigning ? Plus nobody will have to ruin good figures by painting them as silly imagi-nation units, think "Princess Karlotta's Guards" in pink coats with lime green turnbacks.