Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Regiment de Karrer

Flag pic c1725.

An order of battle for the battle of Ackia (see below) is on this lecture here. It seems the French forces in part consisted of Swiss soldiers - presumably of the Regiment de Karrer. Raised in 1719 Karrer were employed as colonial soldiers by the Ministry of Marine from 1721. Most recruits were German speaking. The Colonel's company acted as a depot in Rochefort. Companies served in Haiti, Martinique, and Louisiana and Nova Scotia. Image depicting Karrer in 1732 from here. Karrer mutinied while in Louisbourg - read about it here. Hallwyls from 1752. Drummer's livery here.
Pic The Disembarkation of 50 soldiers from the Karrer Swiss regiment at Louisbourg artprint from here

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