Thursday, 21 May 2009

Bank Holiday reenactments.

I thought it might be interesting to see what the English Civil war reenactors are doing this Bank Holiday weekend. The ECWS are at Caldicott Castle Monmouthshire which looks a very picturesque spot for an event and the Sealed Knot are at Losely Park Surrey with a battle spectacular. So if you have a mind to smell gunpowder, hear the beat of drums and the thunder of hooves then pack a picnic and get along to have a great day out.


legatus hedlius said...

Thanks for this. Loseley park is only 15 miles away so I will get down there and take some pictures!

Sir William the Aged said...

Will they actually be allowed to use gunpowder or will they be forced to yell "Bang!" in unison? We must remember not to alarm the "PC" crowd these days.

We are celebrating Memorial Day over here and our small town used to hold a parade with one of the local CSA reenactment groups from Hood's Texas Brigade participating, but the occasional volley frightened the "gentle folk" you see. And this in a state that has over 60% private firearms ownership!


legatus hedlius said...

First pictures now posted: