Thursday, 12 November 2009

Best Thirty Years War picture ever!

Ok that's just my opinion.
Yesterday I put out a call for this and thankfully Norbert from Vienna responded with a scan. This image is from an Italian Merchant's bill that's in the Vienna Army Museum's TYW collection. This image to me represents what I would like a reenactment group of the 30 Years War to look like - call it 'generic non-uniformed'. What I mean by that is a unit that could - with maybe the odd field sign, cloth attached to the forquette, sash, field as any side - could be in Mansfeld's, Tilly's... pretty much any early army with a little effort. This is what I would like Sir Horace Vere's regiment to look like (if I do it) - not really any English items but instead to look classic 30 Years War.

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Raia said...


I wish advice you Vrancx, Snayers, David Teniers, Frans Francken, Gillis van Tilborch, Jan Miense Molenaer and many more paintings ;-)