Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Deepeeka helmets

I started looking at what was around for the 30 Years War and found these helmets. Deepeeka is a name mostly associated with very cheap Roman stuff and I didn't know they did 16thc stuff. Deepeeka only sell to traders or in large numbers but you can usually get them cheapest from a seller on ebay - just search morion or burgonet...the burgonet which has a removable visor and buffe goes for about £50! Obviously the drawback is that probably everyone else has the same idea and they are ubiquitous but I mention these helmets just in case any of you non-reenactors want one to adorn their hall table or something. My thoughts would be to paint them black...anyone got a photo of the burgonet without visor and buffe?


Motorway said...

Just wondering, these helmets, are they made of steel or are they just light-metal theatre objects?

Ralphus said...

yes they're steel - spun steel I think - that's why I suggest painting them black - how they work size-wise and so on I don't know but I am guessing they're pretty popular

Raia said...

This is ugly helmets :( . Many glances and ornaments.

Better looks common helmets of common soldiers. In Czech republic we have many craftsmans, who make very good replicas.
If you want contact to someone from them, write me an email