Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Musket and pike drill

Maniement du mousquet et maniement de la pique
"L'Art Militaire pour l'Infanterie [...]" de Johann Jacobi von Wallhausen (16..-17..), Leewarden, Claude Fontaine, 1630


Raia said...

I think better than picture is whole book ;-)
Try this: http://schwedenlager-1634.de/layout2009/digiwunschbuch.htm

But I think, that the best one is "HEXHAM, Henry.
The principles of the art militarie" http://www.ilab.org/db/detail.php?booknr=351819873 (is NOT online so far, but I have a copy)

Some pictures you can find here: http://www.geheugenvannederland.nl/?/en/zoekresultaten/pagina/1/Warres%20Hexham/%28cql.serverChoice%20all%20%22Warres%20Hexham%22%29%20and%20%28isPartOf%20any%20%27LEMU01%27%29

Anonymous said...

French copy of Wallhausen can be downloaded in pdf from Gallica.
There's also Russian translation of it, printed in 1647, downloadable here http://books.reenactor.ru/?bookid=469