Thursday, 12 November 2009

Sebastiaan Vrancx's depiction of soldiers

Thanks again to Norbert of Vienna for these images by Sebastian Vrancx. Not sure of the date of this image but if you look closely you can see some foot soldiers in the foreground and background that are worth studying. I ought to say at this point that I am not saying I'm an expert in this period - I haven't really got any knowledge other than bits I gleaned long ago so bear with me. Thanks for all the help I've had so far and hopefully I won't make too many stupid mistakes. Keep the help coming...


Raia said...

Hi Ralphus,
can you give me a contact to Norbert of Vienna please?
I have some questions on him.

Thank you

Ralphus said...

yes sure...can you email me so I can give you it - also if you have any links to Czech suppliers of equipment I'd be grateful

HarryJJ said...

Hey Ralphus,

I think I can help you out with the date!

The research I have done on early 17th century clothing places Sebastian Vrancx's paintings during the early 1620s and just before, the outbreak of the Thirties Year War.

I put forth a question about how little clothing (military in particular) changed during the first two decades of the 17th century here

It has some paintings of Sebastian Vrancx with dates attributed to them (only ones I could find).

Kind regards,