Thursday, 12 November 2009

Spanish Army in 1641(colour version!)

I am very grateful to my readers. What a knowledgeable crew. Thanks to Stephane whose blog and book on the Thirty Years War I am sure you all know (if you don't you should) I now can post the full version by Snayers. If you want to see more and the source check out the comments on the post below. You know this is such a brilliant piece of work - maybe another contender for 'best ever 30 years war painting ever'. Look at it closely. It's an education in picture form.


Stephanos de Chios said...

Thank you !
You can also find the others pictures of P Snayers serie of battle in the Kunst Historisches museum :

and in the Bruxelles museum :

Raia said...

does your link to KHM works?

Whenever I tried it, it doesnt work.