Saturday, 21 November 2009

Thw sword of the common soldier

This image which is supposed to be German c1630 leads me to this question; what was the common sword type for pikemen and musketeers in the TYW? I know that it probably depends on when and where but I thought I'd pose the question. In ECW terms people talk about a pikeman's 'tuck' - a word derived from Estoc - a thrusting weapon - although tuck may simply mean 'rapier' as the estoc was a two-handed weapon. Is this what is illustrated here? It's an interesting image that is worth a close look at. Maybe its earlier than the 1630 date...background stuff is interesting too.

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Raia said...

We (as swedish troops) use sword of common (easy) type -

Sweden - Stockholm - Military museum

Our new replicas: