Saturday, 21 November 2009

White Mountain 1620

Engraving of the battle near Prague (I think). You've probably all seen this before but its new to me. I really like these type of images - not sure how based on reality they are but they are pretty appealing and are typical of the period.
I've often wondered whether this look could be recreated in 3D on the tabletop as they kind of look like they're on a table...presumably you'd have to use 2mm blocks.

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Raia said...

Yes, it is picture of Battle of White mountain that was near Prague. On it is typically shown (left upper corner, in right upper corner is Prague castle) small castle called, because its shape, in czech "letohrádek hvězda" = in english "villa star".
In cellar of the castle are 3D models (1/72 I think) of battle scene.

The battle scene on picture is almost right, but czech forces havent used tercia formation, but dutch formation of old type. Good information about it you find in czech book "Černý den na Bílé hoře" = "Black day on White mountain".